Frequently Asked Questions

  • Education
  • Skill Enhancement for Differently Abled
  • Women Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Upliftment
  • Step up International Trust was established on 27th December 2019. We target problems in major sectors like Education, Entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, and skill enhancement for differently-abled and Community upliftment. Enhancing learning outcomes, reducing high drop-out rates, lack of exposure to 21stcentury vocational skills, problems related to women & child rights, youth unemployment, social exclusion faced by a group of people, lack of skill development among women and youth, and various problems hinder the development of the community, these are the few areas we are trying to positively contribute by finding solutions. We designed few academic activities to support the mission like empowering teens through samagra holistic wellness project, Youth and women entrepreneurship program and adult women education program to develop community counselors and mentors, Empowering differently-abled through skill enhancement, various family empowerment programs to define a healthy society are targeted activities under community upliftment mission. We are committed to the Community upliftment through executing activities in 6 subdomains. We fix problems among these subdomains and help people in finding solutions and together we design and build strategies. We ensure the upliftment of the community through upskilling people. Along with our social care activities our training division conducts various capacity building programs in all our major action domains.

    Step Up works according to achieving the vision of our organization. To achieve our goals in the chosen areas we have et a year plan of activities in all major action domains which include education, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and community upliftment ‘Every Child should get the opportunity to go to school and learn and be successful ’. These include improvement in learning outcomes, the retention of children in schools, providing computer education to youth and women, providing teacher training programs to ensure quality among educators, Implementing our wellness project across schools and universities to ensure holistic development, mobilization and training of mentors, community counselors and volunteers through promoting adult women education, developing entrepreneurship among youth and women, empowering differently-abled through skill enhancement. Our larger vision is to uplift, empower, and transform teens, youth, and Women, and through our community upliftment mission, we can contribute more like an NGO in developing self-sustained communities.

    STEP UP is an innovative and outcome-driven organization. We create strong demonstration models that prove through education and empowerment we can revolutionize the lives of every citizen and develop a self-sustained community. We work on 5 major broad areas EDUCATION, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SKILL ENHANCEMENT OF DIFFERENTLY ABLED & COMMUNITY UPLIFTMENT. These are the broad areas we need to work on on a large scale and we follow specific measurable strategic models to achieve our goals with the guidance and support of industry experts and eminent leaders in our advisory board.

    In connection with our community upliftment, we collect feedbacks from individuals belongs to every family in a panchayath. We use a set of testing tools and a comprehensive sampling framework related to major domains and subdomains we execute various projects. Based on the collected samples and evaluating the report we plan a course of action. With the support of the state, central govt.& corporates we fulfill our mission. We measure the impact of our programs and review its broad significant strategies which define a qualitative agenda in all domains in which we involve.

    The objective of creating tangible large scale impact demands the responsibility of producing useful evidence for action. So while implementing activities on scale ‘’STEP UP TEAM” simultaneously will collect, analyze, and use informative data. Our Resource Centre for skill development and community upliftment center together will involve in research and evaluation and assess the impact and outcomes. We can create opportunities for discussions and debate in local forums at the beginning level and later at the district-level to state-level forums to ensure the measurement of specific outcomes against goals.

    Step up International trust utilizes 7 percent of its revenue on fundraising and administrative expenses. The remaining 93 percent of funds raised go directly to programs.

    Our NGO is a not-for-profit charitable organization working towards achieving the vision of developing a self-sustained community through uplifting, empowering, and transforming teens, youth, women. Supporting the socially excluded, underprivileged, and challenged sections of society. Working towards this vision apart from recording information on the organizational history. For operations, according to our modus operandi, we need huge backing from the state, central govt. public, private, and support from the corporate sector. In creating more beneficiaries we need to expand our geographical outreach with the support of an efficient team by involving more manpower. And for obtaining physical infrastructure, technology needs, resource development we need adequate Funding. Furthermore, funding support is needed to execute activities and attending peripheral issues in all five major action domains and six subdomains connected to the community upliftment. You can choose domains that fit your passion and interest and contribute to executing activities in that domain of your choice. You too can be part of achieving the vision and mission of our organization that is to develop and strengthening self-sustained individuals who can contribute to transforming the socio-economic status of our country.

    STEP UP s efforts can be supported in numerous ways – You can volunteer with us, spread our awareness campaigns, partner with us, be an ambassador, give scholarship, host an event in your town, be a fundraiser, sponsor a child, you can find a suitable job with us, the possibility to do an internship with us in our various projects or you can donate make a contribution that you can afford.