We empower women to exercise their hidden abilities so they will be capable to reshape the society.


Women are the backbone of society. The role of women in the development of society is of the utmost importance. It is the only thing that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious or otherwise. Women Empowerment is still an illusion. In reality, there is a great divergence between the constitutional position and the stark reality. While constitutional rights speak volumes about equality. In today’s free India deprivation and degradation still prevail. Today even in the 21st Century, in the age of enlightenment, women are still deprived of their right in decision making, freedom of movement, access to education, access to employment, exposure to media, domestic contentment to name a few. In many strata of life, mere reservation policies will not solve the problems unless and until women are given commensurate opportunities and authority to function effectively and without any fear of judgment by society. They have to become more conscious and aware of their rights and duties. Women should be encouraged to play a vital role in the identification, planning, organizing, formulation, and implementation of various social care activities, which can be carried out under women’s leadership to upgrade skills of women for the welfare of the self and the society.

In connection with various projects comes under community upliftment mission we provide an opportunity for women to develop themselves, their families, and society. We promote adult education among women on family & community counseling, and various mentoring courses to develop community counselors and mentors. Also, we provide entrepreneurship programs to empower women. Through these programs, we can create plenty of job opportunities and a bunch of women leaders. Linking women to the social environment and providing opportunities to develop their leadership skills, which in turn help them learning life skills and become productive members of society. Empowerment of women helps in raising the standard of the family, whereby the standard of every member of the family is raised and consequently the society and the nation.

We have designed specific projects for women that help them understand gender is irrelevant for success and what matters is the determination to overcome all obstacles to reach their goals and prepare them capable of making their own decisions. Specific outcomes of participation in our projects expand the efficiency of each woman in many aspects include a difference in their overall perception about life, skill updating and polishing of hidden talents, awareness of strength and weakness, becoming brave enough to fight for rights and bring positive changes in the society and they generate their source of income and become economically independent. Women are the lifeblood of the nation and without the empowerment of women, the progress of the nation is not possible.